Finding the right product fast: the cover inspiration finder

With agencies and their customers often separated by hundreds of miles, it can be difficult to choose a printing material together. This is now becoming much easier thanks to the new inspiration finder, with photos of cover materials so good you could almost touch them. On top of this, one click lets you zoom in on the surface to inspect every detail up close. Printed samples are shown alongside the unprinted surface of the material, offering an equally impressive photographic representation. Since product samples are absolutely essential to any paper demonstration, highly refined, embossed, or lacquered samples are used here for bookbinding and packaging.

Agencies and their customers can make a preliminary choice using the inspiration finder and order DIN A4 samples of their desired color and finish at the same time.

A detailed product data sheet on each quality category is available to download for more information. The Peyer inspiration finder - find the right cover material with just one click.