SURBALIN pulp-coloured papers 

SURBALIN (pulp-coloured paper)

SURBALIN is peyer’s leading own brand of pulp-coloured cover and end leaf material without white trimmed edges. The paper is characterised by a fine matt surface and particularly rich colours. SURBALIN means a unique choice of over 100 colours and 13 different embossings. With SURBALIN, designers and manufacturer have an almost inexhaustible range of options. With the different embossings, all sorts of visual and tactile effects can be achieved. Ribbed and fluted, chequered and textured, and glitter and pearl effects are just a few examples of the diversity of SURBALIN products. Customers also appreciate the printability qualities and the problem-free processing of the material for book binding purposes. SURBALIN is FSC®-certified.

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