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Foils for glass packaging

When it comes to product packaging, customers look for how attractive and eye-catching the packaging is, its design and colour and whether it gives the impression of a high-quality product. Results of extensive research have shown that purchase decisions at POS are primarily based on how attractive the packaging is.

Given the high cost of decorative processes in glass packaging, the marketing advantages have only been used to a limited extent in this area in the past.

peyer has identified this as an opportunity for innovation, and has developed a new system of foil decoration for glass packaging in partnership with ink manufacturer Marabu. Using Marabu's UV coating systems, the new GX series foils are ideally suited for decorating perfume bottles, as well as spirits and wine bottles.

The technology meets all industry standards on product consistency. It requires less energy and space, and is extremely cost-effective thanks to its high cycle speed.

peyer GX series foils for glass are available in gold and silver, all metallic colours, and with holographic effects. The tried-and-tested GL series is of course still available for decorating glass using solvent-based coating systems.

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